mandag den 9. september 2013

26 Harry Potter scorereplikker

Regnfuld mandag. Ad! Til gengæld hygger jeg mig med tanken om, at turen går til London om en uge. Det bliver super fedt. Især fordi vi skal på et super sejt Harry Potter museum, i de gamle studier, hvori mange scener er filmet. Jeg glæder mig super meget til at se det, og tænk hvis man stødte på en sød fyr dér. Så er det godt at have et par gode scorereplikker klar. Dem skal i da ikke snydes for.
Så her kommer 26 Harry Potter scorereplikker:

  • Have you heard of Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, I can think of something else with the exact same measurements.
  • If you were a Dementor, I'd become a criminal just to get your kiss.
  • My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood!
  • I know we're not in Professor Flitwick's class, but you still are charming.
  • My love for you burns like a dying phoenix.
  • Being without you is like being afflicted with the Cruciatus Curse.
  • Hagrid's not the only giant on campus, if you know what I mean.
  • Interested in making some magic together? My wand is at the ready.
  • I must have had some Felix Felicis, because I think I'm about to get lucky.
  • Without you I feel like I'm in Azkaban and dementors are sucking away my soul.
  • If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised, I'd see the two of us together.
  • Did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? Because you're drop dead gorgeous.
  • Your smile is like Expelliarmus. Simple but disarming.
  • You must be my horcrux, because you complete me.
  • Going to bed? Mind if I Slytherin?
  • You are like a bottle of Skele-Gro: You're growing me a bone.
  • I'm not wearing an invisibility cloak, but do you think I could still visit your restricted section tonight?
  • I'd like to get my basilisk into your chamber of secrets.
  • You don't even have to say "Luminos Maxima" to turn me on!
  • Have you been using the Petrificus Totalus spell? Because you've made me stiff.
  • Do you want to head to the Shrieking Shack? We could do some shrieking of our own.
  • Are you using the Confundus charm or are you just naturally mind blowing?
  • One night with me and they'll be calling you MOANING Myrtle.
  • You can have the portkey to my heart.
  • I'd let you handle my wand any day!
  • Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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